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Fountain of Moses

January 31, 2011

Moses Fountain, Domenico Fontana, 1587.Fountain of Moses

Domenico Fontana &c. 1587.

Piazza di San Bernardo

Domenico Fontano and his crew erected this colossal monument at the request of Pope Sixtus V in 1587.  It symbolizesMoses, Domenico Fontana. triumph, echoed three times in this triumphal arch-like niches.  Sixtus V was on a mission to renovate Rome at this time.  He used the iconography of Moses to liken himself to the one who brings water to the people, just as Moses had struck it from a rock in the Old Testament.  This fountain gets its water from the aqueduct at St. Maria Maggiore.

Not only did the gift of water make Pope Sixtus look good, but the presence of water also did wonders for the urban space.  With more available water, the city tended to develop around it.

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