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About Betty & The Blog

This blog was part of an assignment for my Southern Baroque class at Temple University, taught by Dr. Tracy Cooper, during the Spring semester of 2011.

The assignment was to create a mock-itinerary of artwork and architecture as if visiting Europe.  All pieces in the itinerary are pieces I have learned about in my readings, assignments, and lectures for the class.  This blog involves exercises in research and also acts as a study guide for myself (and anyone else who finds it useful).

Betty Breznay, art history student at Temple University, photographer, lover of life.After the summer, this blog will expand to encompass tales of my trip to Rome.  I hope to visit as many pieces that I wrote about as I can, and then some.  With this wordpress blog, I hope to expand on my knowledge of pieces of art, grow in my research skills, provide information for others interested, and better myself as an art historian in general.  Feel free to leave comments, constructive criticism, suggestions on further reading, and any corrections on false information I may occasionally present.

I’m Betty Breznay, a senior art history major at Temple University.  I had no idea what art history was until an advisor suggested I take a gen-ed in it to fulfill a university requirement.  The class I took did not count toward my major – which at the time was undeclared, then BFA in photography, then photojournalism, and finally art history.  But that class opened up a world of doors to me, and I realized my passion.  With intentions of becoming a professional photographer, I pursued a minor in art history.  I soon realized that to learn, research, teach, and share my knowledge of art was what I really wanted.  My days are numbered and I want to know everything I possibly can while I’m here.

As well as a photographer, I am also a cupcake connoisseur and lover of life.  Please visit my personal blog at

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  1. P. Nash permalink
    May 5, 2011 3:43 pm

    Hey Betty,
    Your blog is great! I wish I had known about this during the semester. Hope you have enough time when you’re in Rome to keep this going, I’d love to keep following it.
    Peggy Nash
    So. Baroque

    • May 5, 2011 9:02 pm

      Thanks, Peggy. Yes, please stay tuned! This blog might be a little dull over the summer, but come August, I’ll be in Italy! And one of my favorite subjects to photograph are sculptures (particularly sculptures at night, but I’m sure I’ll be seeing them all times of the day) so it’ll be a real treat!
      Take care,

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